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Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are AKI Total Beauty School.

To students from abroad, we actively accept foreign students who have a passion for learning the finer points of Japanese beauty.

We offer language support and interpretation in English, Korean and Chinese.

In addition to providing translated copies of the lesson materials upon request, we also interpret the text of the video materials.

* Payment options


You can attend all of the lessons we offer at our school.

Why not experience the Total Beauty of Japan for yourself?

We work with travel companies to provide short term tourist study packages.


Interpretation.Translation Price List

Interpretation(Half Day up to 4hours. full Day up to 8hours)

.Seminars and simultaneous Interpretation for Meeting                                       ¥60,000    ¥108,000

.Sightseeing .Attendant Interpreters                       ¥54,000           ¥96,000

.long-term Interpretation for Training                  Prices contingent on the preiod,location and content    


Transiations(1 A4 Size sheet *40words ×36lines=1440 letters)

.General Translations                                                                                              ¥8,400

.Specialiized Translation and Consultations              Price is contingent on content







受講希望コース 受講日時などお気軽にご相談ください。

ご希望の方には「通訳」「英語 中国語 韓国語でのテキスト作成」の手配も承ります。*有料

通訳 翻訳 料金

通訳(表記左が半日4時間 右が1日8時間となります。)         

.セミナー 会議等での同時通訳  ¥60,000    ¥108,000

.観光 アテンド通訳       ¥54,000           ¥96,000

.研修などの長期にわたる通訳   時間 場所 内容により異なりますのでお問い合わせください。


翻訳(A41枚あたり ※40文字×36行 1140文字)

.一般文章の翻訳         ¥8,400

.専門性を含む文章の翻訳     内容確認後のお見積りとなります。





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